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Something Different This New Year Octagon has partnered with WORBLI, a business and compliance focused blockchain technology start-up, to introduce new comers to the world of blockchains.  To give you a head start in 2019, Octagon is offering you the opportunity to claim a WORBLI token to start you on the way to familiarising yourself […]


Thank You First and foremost, a big thank you to the 110+ people who worked tirelessly for over six months to set a solid foundation upon which the Telos Blockchain Network was built. It’s people, not technology, that we as an organisation depend on to deliver results, technology is just an instrument that helps us […]

Distributed Risk Management

The Decentralised Data Challenge Today, most organisations operate hybrid environments where security is managed centrally yet a certain degree of autonomy is granted to internal departments or business units to be able to function efficiently as long as they are operating within the organisation’s information security policy framework while meeting regulatory requirements applicable to their […]