Something Different This New Year

Octagon has partnered with WORBLI, a business and compliance focused blockchain technology start-up, to introduce new comers to the world of blockchains. 

To give you a head start in 2019, Octagon is offering you the opportunity to claim a WORBLI token to start you on the way to familiarising yourself with crypto technologies and their future applications.

WORBLI is the first of its kind, in the financial technology sector, to offer businesses and their clients instant transactions that are executed on a  secure Blockchain infrastructure

Individual accounts and customer transactions are secured by a regulatory compliant blockchain infrastructure where users can have control over their own data, while developers and businesses can operate with the knowledge that all user accounts have completed full AML/KYC verification.

How to claim your WORBLI token:

Since WORBLI’s target applications and their user base are subject to mandatory KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) controls, all new accounts must first be validated.

Therefore, the sign up process may seem to be a little arduous, but this is to be expected and is done for your own and other users security. Please read the terms and conditions and take time to carefully go through the sign-up process as follows:

  1. Register on the WORBLI website and submit your ID documents to be verified.
  2. Create a personal account
  3. Generate a pair of digital encryption keys, note both parts down and keep the private part safe. More detailed instructions are given below.
  4. Submit the public part of the key for WORBLI to link it to link it to the account you created in the previous step.

Detailed Steps:

1. Registration and ID Verification

Go to www.worbli.io and click ‘join Worbli’ to register yourself.

After you have confirmed your email, return to the WORBLI website and go to the dashboard to commence with creating your personal account.

To go through WORBLI’s KYC process, just fill out the form with your name, address and submit the requested government issued documents such as . a passport, driver’s license or an ID card. You will also be asked to take a selfie using a mobile device or the camera on your laptopn or desktop computer. Once you have uploaded the ID documents go back to the form and submit it to WORBLI.

You will able to track the progress of ID verification on the WORBLI dashboard. This could take a few minutes and sometimes a few hours. After your submitted documents are approved, you will be able to proceed to the next step to create your WORBLI account and generate your private and public keys. Ignore the messages about ‘sharedrop claims’ if it does not apply to you, just click on the account tab to see your account details.

2. Creating a WORBLI Account

Return to the dashboard after your KYC submission is approved to choose a name for your WORBLI account. Create a unique name –use lowercase characters without numbers in it. (Although the website states you can use numbers, there is a chance it will give an error message). Next you will have to generate a key pair and link one part of it to your account. This is done externally, i.e. not using the browser, for security reasons.

3. Generate a Cryptographic Key Pair

A 3rd party application is recommended by WORBLI known as ‘Scatter’. It is a desktop application to be installed locally. Scatter is a third party secure blockchain signing tool, also known as a wallet.

Follow this link to download and install the Scatter program. Your virus scanner or other system protection software will probably warn you about installing unknown applications. This is because Scatter is not (yet) a mainstream program that is recognized by the virus scanners. You may ignore the warnings and install the system locally. Check that you are downloading the latest and the appropriate version for you operating system. Version 10.0.3 was the latest at the time of writing this post.

Once Scatter is installed you have to provide a password that you need to store in a safe place. It is important to keep the password secret because it gives access to your keys and so to your wallet.

Once you entered the password, Scatter will give you a 12 word phrase that you can use to restore you password. Make sure to store the sentence in a safe place.

Now click create key and Scatter will ask how to retrieve your keys. Use the ‘text’ option instead of the QR option. Now you see three keys. Copy the EOSIO key (the one that starts with EOS…..)  and copy/note down both key fields. It is absolutely critical that you do not loose or disclose your private key that starts with the number 5. The key which starts with EOS is your public address, very much like your email address which can be shared if required.

4. Linking Keys to Your WARBLI Account

Submit the public key on WORBLI’s web page. Use the same public key for both Active and Owner fields and click submit You have now generated your WORBLI account. Click the wallet tab and you will see your balance. Your balance will show as zero but once you received the tokens it will not be zero anymore….

The last thing to do is to connect the Scatter wallet to WORBLI. Just make sure Scatter is open on your computer and click the ‘link scatter’ in your WORBLI dashboard. Now your Scatter is connected and can be used securely interact with blockchain applications on the WORBLI network.

To claim your token, please send us your WORBLI account name together with the email address on which you received our Christmas card. Send the info to: info@octagon.nl

When we receive your account name, we will transfer the WORBLI token to your WORBLI wallet. Once it has arrived you can start using it on the WORBLI network or interact with other compatible blockchain services.

Good Luck with you WORBLI token.